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Golden Parchment


A letter from Lieutenant James Pellaeon, dated 26 June 820, found amongst the personal belongings of Rebecca Pellaeon


My beloved wife Rebecca and son Charles,


It all ends tomorrow. We march on the Nethine capitol. Tannen, I think it’s called. The king has had built siege towers, catapults, trebuchets, and other machines of war. I don’t know what has come over him. A year ago, the Lorin I knew asked his head of house to show out a stray cat which had wandered into the castle, as he would never hurt a fly. Now he launches a crusade and prepares for the death of thousands tomorrow on both sides. These Nethine dark elves are cunning and ruthless, and their city is built strong. Why Lorin feels we have any hope of even breaching their walls I cannot say. My only hope is that the Nethine will be merciful to us as we fail to capture their city, but having seen their ferocity over the past months, my lip trembles and my heart quivers with fear.


Rebecca my love, by the time you receive this letter, I shall most certainly be dead. I can feel my soul weakening. The king has ordered me to lead the first assault; even if we find ourselves victorious, my death is all but inevitable. I have considered running, but we have marched so far that I could not find my way home even should I try. Know that I died with my honor intact and your name on my lips.


Charles, my son. Charles James Pellaeon. Oh how I have delighted in repeating your name, in imagining your face and the future which we shall now never share. Though we have never met, I am proud to be your father. My son, you have many choices which will be presented to you in this life. Your mother shall teach you right from wrong. Listen to her. Trust and honor her. When choices are presented to you, lean on what your mother teaches you, and upon the feelings in your heart, and act accordingly, with kindness and honor. I love you Charles, my son.


There is so much more I would say to the both of you, but I must go and see this letter sent before it is too late. You have my undying love.


Your husband and father,




P.S. I have included with this letter a dagger which I have carried with me ever since my father gave it to me on my eighteenth birthday. This knife is now for Charles, when he turns eighteen. Love, Dad


Investigator’s note: This, along with many similar letters from other soldiers of the king now reported missing, tell of a great battle that we cannot find any evidence of. Scouts and search parties have found no evidence of any battles in any surrounding region. That being said, the disappearances of the king and his entire army are real enough.


Regarding disappearances, it is my conclusion that upon receiving this letter, Rebecca Pellaeon took her young child Charles and fled to stars know where. The dagger mentioned in this last letter wasn’t found either, so it is likely that she took it when she left with her child. As to where they went, we can only hope they find peace somewhere.

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