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The Kingdoms of Desara

As the largest kingdom in Desara, Gol'dara boasts a proud history. It contains one of the largest trade centers and vast, lush farmland. One of its smallest towns, Goldcrest, has been making quite a name for itself as of late.

Selucia is Desara's cultural zeitgeist with its renowned schools and tradesmen dedicated to the arts. Any artist or performer would dream of staking their claim here. Selucia also provides beautiful coastal views and gorgeous architecture.

Once the most fearsome political power, Robinsroost has largely pulled back from Desara's world stage. It's people are curious and insightful even if they seem a little emotionless.

To keep themselves protected from beasts of the plains, Jardium created an intricately walled city. There are still some brave enough to live outside it's walls but after the Celestial Wars, Jardium prefers its safekeeping.

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