Frequently asked questions

What is LARP?

In the most simple terms, LARP is an acronym that stands for live-action roleplay. Live-action roleplay has been around since about the 90s and has many forms. LARP is a form of immersive improvasational theatre in which you take up the "role" of your character and "play" out their actions. Did you ever play pretend as a kid? Its much like that. But instead of making it all up on the spot we have a set of rules that we play by and have a plot team to give you, our dear player, a living world to play in.

Where do you run your events?

Alliance Las Vegas is based in Las Vegas, Nevada but we do also run games in Southern Utah. Our first event will be running in the summer of 2021 (covid restrictions permitting) in Southern Utah. We will be running in Southern Utah for about 3 years until we transition into Southern Nevada, near Las Vegas. That being said, there are plenty of other Alliance LARP chapters across the US! If we're too far away from you consider checking out our other chapters in Tennessee, New Hampshire, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, California, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wyoming.

What should I plan for at my first event?

Most events are run over the weekend at a campsite. Every campsite will be a little bit different but details about it will be posted before the event. In general, basic camping supplies are a good idea. We are also in a desert so please keep yourself hydrated. We will be supplyling food and water but you are more than welcome to bring your own snacks. If you are a PC make sure to bring your own weapons and costuming. These things will be provided for NPCs by staff.

Where else can I find you?

We have a Facebook page, Instagram account, and a Discord server which are all linked below. We also have a forum which can be found on Alliance LARP's national website.

What are goblin stamps?

Goblin stamps (also known as "gobbies") are an out of game currency that we use as a way to reward our players. Alliance chapters can give out goblin stamps for pretty much any reason but it usually involves helping out the chapter in some way. It might be something as simple as helping with dishes after a meal or something bigger like donating to a fundraiser.

Goblin stamps can be traded in for a number of things. In the character management app (CMA) you can buy back event credits, get an xp blanket every month, or sell a skill your character doesn't make much use of any more. Gobbies can also be used to buy certain in game tags by contacting the logitics team at

What are dragon stamps?

Dragon stamps (or simply "dragons") are similar to goblin stamps but are harder to obtain and have more limited uses. Dragon stamps are a way for the national organization to say thank you. They can be gained by helping out the organization in a significant way. Like gobbies they can be used to apply a monthly xp blanket to your character but cannot be used for other things like selling back skills.