The Kingdom of Gol'dara


     Gol’dara is the largest kingdom in the known regions of Desara, both in terms of land under its control as well as population. It stretches along the coast of the Calyssian Sea on the west with its eastern border dragging along the Dulgar Mountains. The Frozen North crests its northmost border, with Jardium to the northeast, and Selucia to the south. It is a plentiful land, boasting wide-open fields fed by large rivers and lakes, right alongside forests that provide wood and plentiful hunting. The main hub of the kingdom revolves around the confluence of the three lesser rivers, Avon, Fluss, and Nehir, into the great river Anatra. This not only feeds their farmland but also facilitates trade with Selucia and the Dulgar Mountains.

     Gol’dara is also one of the most diverse kingdoms, boasting large populations of most races with no clear majority. Because of this diversity, many see Gol’dara as a safe haven from hate and discrimination. This is best exemplified by a large trade city located right at the convergence of the Avon and Fluss Rivers which has changed hands repeatedly over the centuries as different kingdoms vie for control over this vital trade center. Because of this, the city is incredibly diverse and has a strong sense of independence. Under current Gol’dara rule, the city is typically known as Flashpoint, though it has been known by several names under its various rulers. Flashpoint may pay nominal devotion to Gol’dara as its current master, but the people there know that one day Gol’dara will be supplanted by someone new, and the cycle will continue. This gives them a long-distance viewpoint on life, but also a sense of freedom from loyalty and devotion to a crown.

     Within Gol’dara is also a small town, Goldcrest. This town has never drawn much attention from the wider world, though it boasts a large number of adventurers seeking glory and honor. Soon enough, they will play a pivotal role in the future of Desara.



     Gol’dara was founded by dwarves and has retained a dwarven sense of hard work and diligence, though the dwarves have largely left the region. After several conflicts for power, the dust finally settled and the Wülffhart family claimed power. In 125K Gol’dara attempted militaristic expansion, marching on the Varyyyk Forest, and was quickly beaten back by the dryads of the region.

     In the present day, the kingdom is ruled by King Lorin Wülffhart. However, following a cryptic campaign leading the Knights Assembly into the frozen tundras of the north, King Lorin disappeared and is presumed dead. In his absence, the royal advisor, Duke Puric von Hoffmann has been tasked with governing the kingdom until the king’s son, Prince Hal, comes of age and is crowned as king.


Allies and Enemies

     Gol’dara maintains a tense allegiance or neutrality with the surrounding countries. While hostility was high following Gol’dara’s attempted invasion of Varyyyk, in the several hundred years since little distaste is now found between the two civilizations.

     Robinsroost officially holds no animosity towards Gol’dara, though Gol’dara’s colonization of islands in Nefaria has been met with disapproval from Robinsroost. These colonies in Nefaria are still held by Gol’dara, but only just. Talk of dissent among the Nefarian colonies is frequent, and many expect the piracy of Nefaria to soon lay claim to the islands currently held by Gol’dara.

     Thaingor’s settlement dates back several hundred years to Gol’daran dwarves who found the region and claimed it as home. As such, Thaingor looks to Gol’dara with a sense of nostalgia and respect, despite their now differing cultures.

     Selucia offers frequent trade to and from Gol’dara, and of all the neighboring countries it is Selucia with which Gol’dara holds the most positive relations.


     Gol’dara has attempted several colonization efforts over the years, to varying degrees of success. Their current colonies in Nefaria offer them a supply of incoming resources, though the tensions there frequently delay or halt shipments.

     Gol’dara functions primarily as an agricultural hub. Their flowing rivers and lush soils provide for frequent harvests, and the crops and livestock from Gol’dara provide for much of the surrounding regions. Many people lead a simple life, with the peaceful tranquility of Gol’dara’s agriculture providing a pleasant and reasonable living for its citizens.


     With Gol’dara’s prevalence of agriculture, the harvest is widely celebrated in the country. Throughout autumn, Gol’dara celebrates with a variety of feasts and celebrations which vary from community to community. Come the winter solstice, when the harvest is complete, the longest night of the year is celebrated with the grand feast, Candlenights. This time is spent with family and friends in celebration for a year of hard work well completed.

The birthdays, weddings, and other significant events of the ruling family are also celebrated. King Lorin’s birthday on February 27th has been expected to be celebrated, though with his disappearance last summer, whether or not the celebration will be held is still in question.



Across the rural farms of Gol’dara, entertainment must be taken where it’s available. Archery, wrestling, and even cow-tipping are frequent pastimes. Along Gol’dara’s coast, scenic beaches and seaside towns are enjoyed by the local populace. In the country’s cultural center of Flashpoint can be found various merchants and shops, where people find products from all across Desara.


Common Sayings and Dialect

As Gol’dara is a geographic, economic, and political center of Desara, its language has become the primary language of commerce, and is even known by the simple name of Common, though because of the high diversity and trade with just about every other nation in Desara, Gol’dara quickly assimilates sayings and phrases. Dwarven technical terms, Orcish insults and curses, the sayings of Elven wise men, and just about any other colloquialism from any culture will find its way into the Gol’daran vernacular eventually.


“Falcon’s Folly” - One of the previous names of Flashpoint. In reference to a previous Robinsroost prince, Falcon Swiftson, who attempted to take over the trade hub. Used to offend someone who has failed at something.


Costume Inspiration

Tabards, belt favors, and other items are often emblazoned with heraldry, though individual nation’s fashions may be spotted as well.