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East Selucia Company


     Originating in the Selucian port city of Ealain, the East Selucian Company has established itself over the course of the last century as the primary provider of trade services across the Calyssian Ocean, and in recent years has also acquired a significant foothold across the Desaran mainland as a supplier of various goods.

     ESC traders and merchants come from all walks of life across just about every region of Desara. Selunari ship captains, orcish fur traders, and stone elf scribes are just some of the diverse employees of the ESC. While officially a merchanting company, the ESC has grown large enough to encompass many different career opportunities; those in regions most heavily influenced by the ESC often wonder if the company has acquired too much power to be permitted to further act as a business entity. While exact numbers are a carefully guarded secret, it is estimated that ESC capital exceeds that of a small country.

     Though no official claims of legal territory have been recognized, the ESC stakes a claim to significant portions of Nefaria, Nagasif, and Dulgar territories, and behaves in those regions as a governing authority.



     East Selucian Company employees are a diverse lot, coming from all regions of Desara. Local traditions and customs are typically observed, though the rapid globalization brought about by the ESC has led to some cultural misunderstandings.

     The ESC’s heaviest presence being in Nefaria, seafaring traditions often bleed into other aspects of company life. It’s not uncommon to hear a shanty of strong winds and raging seas being sung by a caravan crossing the Nagasif Desert, hundreds of miles from any major body of water. Selucian influences also have made significant impacts on the company’s practices, leaving many hired outside Selucia wondering why such an importance is placed on seeming impractical aesthetic choices of the ESC.


Allies and Enemies

     East Selucian ships often find themselves in disputed waters, and pirates in Nefaria provide a notable threat to the trade routes of the ESC. Unofficial privateers often fly under pirate colors in order to not be traced back to their sponsoring government, and the ESC treats all pirates with vicious hostility.

     Similarly, any bandits, thieves, and other ne'er-do-wells are held highly accountable to any actions taken against the ESC across any of Desara. Raids are often attempted in the Nagasif Wastelands, far from the contact of any other settlement to recognize the skirming. Whether leaving a trail of these raiders’ bones behind them, or an entire caravan of the ESC is sacked, carnage is an all-too-real possibility for ESC desert caravans, and those who have left society to live in Nagasif often see the ESC flag as a sign of death and destruction.

     Until 780K, the ESC operated a private prison at Nefaria’s Port Sweetmouth, keeping captured pirates, criminals, and other brigands from across Desara hostage to work at Sweetmouth’s sugar plantations. In 780K a prison riot broke the ESC control over the island, which still remains in pirate hands as the now primary base of operations for illegal activity in Nefaria.

     Based out of Selucia, the ESC maintains strong ties with Selucian peoples and government. Officially a neutral party in all conflicts not involving Selucia, the ESC operates in all countries and regions across Desara to some capacity, and is thought to be one of the most wide-reaching entities in Desara because of this.


     The East Selucian Company operates as the largest trading entity in Desara, and its goods are as varied as the people living throughout the realm. Sugar, tropical fruits, coffee, tobacco, and gold are continuously harvested from Nefaria. Textiles, paper, and books are shipped from Selucia, lumber and other forest-based resources out of Varyyyk, ore from Dulgar, and spices from trans-Nagasif trade all comprise the ESC economic influence.

     Also dealing in adventuring goods, the ESC is a frequent supplier of weapons to fighters and potions to healers. With vast stores of resources available, ESC merchants are often the most reliable source of supplies to militaries, mercenaries, and adventurers.

     While operating within legal accordance to local laws, the ESC maintains a network across Desara of suppliers, buyers, and other contacts, often utilizing legal loopholes to provide as many business opportunities as possible to its multitude of clients and customers.


     The ESC offers paid holiday leave to all full-time employees in accordance with local customs and regulations. They also are provided with comprehensive family medical coverage, typically consisting of access to curative potions from ESC stores when necessary. Options are also provided for continued education, with many ESC employees given free or discounted tuition at certain colleges and universities in major Desaran cities.

Common Sayings and Dialect

“Dark red” - a phrase for not knowing the state of one’s finances, “She’s in the dark red.”

“Nagasif milk” - something useless, likely being misused, as milk quickly goes bad in the Nagasif heat.

“Writing the captain’s books” - to work a job where someone else reaps the benefits of your labor

“Desert shanty” - something out of place

Costume Inspiration

     East Selucian Company merchants often take after local fashions. Their connections to easily accessible textiles does permit access to finer attire than would typically be utilized by someone of their means. Other employees also are often provided garb by the company, so items and accessories worn almost seem to have been chosen out of a catalogue, likely because they were, in fact, chosen out of a catalogue.